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Loaded with thousands of movies and box sets offering your family the very best in entertainment. Movies to suit all ages and tastes including box office, classics, Greatest classics, music, comedy, kids, action & adventure, stand-up comedy, crime, horror, drama, sci-fi, fantasy, super heroes, Christmas, Disney. Massive choice and all carefully selected English language Top Titles.

Audio Club

All preloaded with over 170 albums. Great music from all genres; pop, electric, rock, jazz, rhythm and blues, classical, soul, hip hop, heavy metal, country, punk, reggae and disco. Search by year, genre, album or artist. You can even create your own playlist! Perfect for parties or when entertaining guests!

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Radio Stations

Over 40 Top UK and Irish Radio Stations including all BBC Local Radio Stations. Keep up to date with the news and stay tuned to your favourite music.


Who will be the next X Factor Star in your family and friends? Why not turn your living room into your own karaoke show. Choice of songs we all know and love with contemporary and classics. We even help with the chorus!!

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