Yes we offer 48 hour free trials if you already have a Genuine Infomir Set Top Box manufactured in Europe. – to do this please contact our support team by clicking here please state in the message ‘Free Trial Request’ this will be processed during our working hours between 10:00 and 18:00 Monday to Thursday 10:00 and 17:00 Friday . For your information Free trials are currently not available over weekends. We regret we can not offer this service to any other make of Set Top Boxes.
You can connect multiple TVs to your STB but to be able to watch a different channel in a different room you will need separate boxes each with their own individual subscription. If you require more boxes and accounts, please contact us to purchase extra accounts.
Check the connection from the STB to your television whether it is a HDMI lead or AV lead. Disconnect and reconnect both ends of the cable from the STB and TV. Make sure your TV is set to the correct output source. Your TV should have options to set the output mode (check your TV manual if you don´t know how to do this). Check the correct mode is selected, depending on whether you are using the AV cable that came with your STB, or an HDMI. Example – check the cable from the box and see which socket it is connected to on your TV. If it is connected to HDMI1 then using your TV remote change the source to HDMI1. On your remote you may have a button with a square and arrow pointing into it for source, it may say input, AVI. Select the source that matches where your cable is plugged in, make sure your box is on with a blue light on the front and it should work. If you continue to have problems, we recommend you try a new cable to connect them. If the problem continues please contact us.
When you start the STB it says “Loading” – if it gets stuck it means it cannot connect to the Internet at all. If you’re STB is connected directly to the router with an Ethernet cable Make sure both end of the Ethernet cable are properly pushed in. There should be a light on on the router that corresponds to the port on the back that the STB is connected to. If the light is not on, there is a problem with the connection. You can try replacing the Ethernet cable or trying a different port. Otherwise you will need to contact your router supplier.
If you see at the top of the screen Connection Problem, then disconnect your TV box and also your router from the power. Reconnect your router and 5 minutes later connect your TV box.
First check the volume on both the STB and your TV. If the volume is up high on both, and you still receive no sound, please try swapping the HDMI (if you are using one) with the AV cable.
First make sure that no computer or devices are switched on as these may take up bandwidth and cause the picture to break up. After making sure nothing else is switched on reboot the Router wait two minutes and then reboot the STB. Please then monitor the TV quality. If the picture quality continues to be poor, you will need to connect the Router direct to your main telephone point ie. remove any telephones, splitters or filters. Once the Router is connected restart it, and then the STB.
In the Channel Guide, if no programme information is showing on any of the channels (please check more than one) or you can´t view any TV show, reboot your STB. If this does not work, reboot your router, wait a few minutes until the Internet has reconnected, then reboot the STB. If this does not resolve the problem, please contact us.
If you choose a programme from the catch up guide and you receive a blank screen or a “No recording” message, please also try a different channel, then a different program, then a different day. It may be a one off, but if the same thing is happening on different channels, days and times then please contact us. If when watching a program, it stops before it has finished, again please check other programmes and channels. Please reboot your router and STB and try again. If after rebooting the problem continues, please contact us and tell us what day, time, channel and program this is happening with so that we can look into it.
Whatever your connection speed you can always catch up with your favourite TV programmes by downloading them from the TV websites. If you have a very slow connection speed (your Internet Service Provider (ISP) sets the limits on the bandwidth) then your live TV viewing may occasionally be affected. We recommend a minimum of 2 Mbps download speed to watch streamed TV. To see your current download speed use our Speed Test however for a more realistic diagnosis of your internet bandwidth please select an off island location by clicking on a white dot other than Malta/Gozo. If you require assistance with thi sissue please do contact us.
Go to settings, then to Server, it should have the following URL: if it doesn’t, please press the KB button on the top right of your remote in order to bring up the keyboard on the screen, then type the URL and scroll down to the OK button and press OK on it. Press the EXIT or home button on the remote and reboot the device in order to save and update the change you just made.
First of all, you need to recognize if the channel you are trying to watch has the catch up facility available; and the way to do that is if it has a little yellow clock on the left hand side of the name of the channel on the list. If it does, press the OK button on the channel to select it, making sure you can see the current program guide on the right hand side of the screen. Once confirmed press the right arrow on your remote, it will take you to the catch up menu, on which you can select the date of your interest by pressing the left arrow on your remote and then scrolling up the list. Press OK on the date and scroll to the right and then down to find the TV show of your interest; once found press OK.
Make sure you read every detail on the screen in order to identify properly the problem, if it says at the top of the screen “Internet disabled” or “ethernet/wifi disabled” (depending on the method you are using to connect to the internet) you need to reboot the router and make sure you unplug and test it on a different device to prove the internet is working. Make sure your local connection is not having problems of any sort. Please bear in mind this system requires a different speed than your phone, laptop or iPad; therefore, the fact of them working fine doesn’t necessarily mean the connection is not failing.
This usually means the service has not been paid for, trial expired or maybe your card was declined. Please contact us to rectify.
You need to check your video settings to do this Go to Settings Go to Video What is your video output mode set at PAL is analogue and only used if you are either connecting more than one TV to your box through the AV Lead (red yellow and white plugs) If you have a fairly new TV and are connected with a HDMI cable change this setting from PAL to 1080P-50 by pressing ok on it and scrolling down and selecting it. Scroll down to OK and press ok Reboot