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Jun 14 18

FIFA World Cup 2018


Good Morning all you Footie Fans.
Don’t forget….. Today’s the day it all starts.

Thursday 14th. 3.30pm ITV1
Opening Ceremony

Russia v Saudi Arabia

Friday 15th. 4.30
Morocco v Iran

Saturday 2.30pm
Argentina v Iceland

Croatia v Nigeria

Sunday 1.30pm
Costa Rica v Serbia

Brazil v Switzerland

Monday 18th. 1.30pm
Sweden v South Korea

Tuesday 19th 4.25pm
Poland v Senegal

That’s all the program I have at the moment, I’ll be back soon with anymore information.

Enjoy watching your MaltaUKtv Systems coverage.
I expect there will be lots of people complaining that they couldn’t find somewhere to watch it or their TV doesn’t have it. There’s still time, just recommend our system to any moaners and Mike will be at the rescue to install it.

Have a great day everyone.