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Dec 30 17

Almost the End of 2017


Good Morning,
Well the madness is almost over for another year so our Christmas Elves at MaltaUKTV can get their PJ’s on and have a bit of a relax.
If you didn’t see it the first time round, “The Real Full Monty” is a Must See…….
It’s a Documentary about a group of Celebrities that get together to recreate the famous striptease scene after it was released 20yrs ago in the original film.
It’s on tomorrow night, ITV1 at 11.15pm.
If you’ll be out celebrating and seeing the New Year in then watch it on catch up while you are recovering in the next few days.
The reason they have all come together is to raise awareness of Cancer, mainly Prostate cancer. Believe me, this documentary will have you laughing and crying. Please take the time to watch it, it’ll make you think.
Ok, so on a lighter note….. Hasn’t the Xmas TV been rubbish,without my MaltaTV box I think I’d have gone a bit stir crazy.
I watched a fantastic film called “Lion”, it’s a true story about a small boy that gets lost in India and adopted by a couple in Australia. In his teenage years he starts to question where he is from and how he got to where he is and his journey on how he finds his way back more than 20yrs later.
If you fancy getting stuck into a good Box Set I highly recommend “Band of Brothers”, it’s not something I would usually rave about but believe me….. You’ll be hooked, it’ll be…. “lets just watch one more !!!
It’s fact based from interviews with survivors of Easy Company as well as their Journals and letters.
The experiences of these brave men from their training, parachuting into Normandy early on D-Day morning, right up to the end of the war.

Don’t forget all the Dramas coming our way from New Years Day (tomorrow).
The Big one that everyone has been waiting for is…
McMafia, BBC1 10pm
It stars James Norton.
A crime Drama… Alex Goodman, the English-raised son of Russian mafia exiles is drawn into the criminal underworld and is forced to confront his family’s past which he has spent his life trying to escape.

Well it’s time to put the kettle on so I’ll wish you all an early Happy New Year in case there are a few sore heads on January 1st.