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Feb 19 18

Drama and Films


Good Morning.
I’m going to start with a few film that are on Demand that I’ve watched over the past week.
As you’ll all know the weather has been pretty awful so what better than a couple of Duvet Days…

A Little Bit Of Heaven.
A bit of a Tearjerker this one but a nice film.
Starring Kate Hudson and Kathy Bates.
A young woman that doesn’t take life or relationships seriously in case she gets hurt has a life-changing visit with her Doctor.

Tom Wilkinson, Miranda Richardson and Emily Watson.
Belle is inspired by the True story of Dido Elizabeth Belle, the illegitimate mixed race Daughter of a Royal Navy Admiral.
Raised by her Great Uncle, Lord Mansfield and his wife she has certain privileges yet the colour of her skin prevents certain social standing.
She meets a vicars son who is campaigning to end Slavery in England.
Lord Mansfield changed History.

Finding Forrester.
Stars Sean Connery.
A Brilliant Film about a young African American named Jamal, Jamal is a talented writer that is mentored by Forrester after an unusual chance meeting.

One Chance.
Stars Julie Walters and James Corden
A Fantastic Feel Good film. This film follows the remarkable and inspirational true story of Paul Pots, a shy, bullied shop assistant by day and an amateur singer by night.
It’ll make you laugh and cry.
Even with little confidence Paul Pots never gave up his dream, eventually going on to win Britain’s Got Talent.

So tonight (Monday) sees the return of Marcella, ITV1 at 10pm, a Police Drama.
Marcella isn’t your everyday Policewoman, there is a dark side to her.
In this series she is on the hunt for a child killer after the discovery of a young boys body.

Also… Shetland started its fourth series last week, its on tomorrow night (Tuesday) on BBC1 at 10pm.
You can find all the previous series on Demand, S1,S2 and S3.
Watch the first episode on catch up if you missed it.

Football fans….. Don’t forget tonight is Match Of The Day Live: FA Cup.
Wigan Athletic v Manchester City
BBC1 at 8.30pm.

Well I hope you all have a good day x

Feb 9 18

Winter Olympics


Good Morning,
I’m sorry it’s been a while.
I hope all you sports fans are ready to settle down to watch the Winter Olympics.
Having MaltaUKTV you aren’t going to miss a thing.
Even when you have to do boring things like….. Go to work or go to bed you can settle down afterwards and just watch it on catch up.
Eurosport1 has all the coverage, plus the many other sports channels, not forgetting the UK channels.

At 11.30am today is the Live PyeongChang Opening Ceremony.
From 2.10pm is Curling, Freestyle and Figure Skating.

Enjoy the beginning of this exciting event but remember there are other things you have to move away from the TV for…… Catch Up is a Godsend!!!

Ok, so for those of you that aren’t into the sports…….
Here are a few Films that are On Demand…..

The Hurricane.
This is the True Story of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, a boxer wrongly imprisoned for murder, and the people that unexpectedly came into his life and fought tirelessly and dangerously to prove his innocence.
It’s a very powerful film.

We Bought A Zoo.
A feel good film about Benjamin, a father that has lost his wife and wants to start a better life for his children. He buys a large house that comes with more than he bargained for…. it has zoo animals. This is a True story, it’ll make you laugh and cry.

Veronica Guerin
Another True story. This is a very powerful film.
Veronica, an investigative reporter for an Irish newspaper decides to expose the drug trade in Ireland.
She starts at the bottom with the addicts and works her way through to John Gilligan, the head of the operation.
Some of you may find it a bit hard going but its well worth watching to the end.

Well things to do, Cappuccino to drink so I’ll say Bye for now but I’ll be back with a lot more info on the Winter Olympics tomorrow.
Have a Good Day x