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Dec 19 17

Films On Demand


Hi Everyone,
If like me you have been getting snuggled up on the sofa on these chilly nights I hope you’ve been making good use of your MaltaUKTV.
On Demand has Hundreds of great Films, TV Series, Box Sets….. The list goes on.
Here are some of the films I’ve watched over the weekend.
“The Viceroy’s House”
It stars Hugh Bonneville and Gillian Anderson as the Mountbattens.
Its fact based about the Partition of India in 1947.
It really is worth watching, an education as to what went on in India that so many now a days don’t know.

A real feel good film is “A Street Cat Called Bob”
A stray ginger cat changes the life of James Bowen, a homeless London street musician and recovering drug addict.
What makes this such a great film is that the actual cat acting in the film is Bob, they couldn’t find an acting cat that could play the part and do the things Bob did. It’ll make you laugh, and cry.
Watch out at the end for James Bowen, he has a cameo part.

Albert Pierrepoint played by Timothy Spall was Britain’s most famous public executioner.
He kept his job a secret for many years until he was selected to hang the Nazi war criminals after the Nuremberg trials.
Well worth watching.

Well I’ve worn myself out watching all this TV so I’ll say goodnight.
Tomorrow I’ll be telling you more about the fantastic Dramas that are and have been on on the channels that sometimes are overlooked x

Dec 14 17

Great Drama


Hi everyone,
sorry it’s been a few days, even us Christmas fairies have shopping to do.
Well I hope you are all ready for tonights conclusion of Bancroft, what a gripping drama it’s been.
I hope you don’t just watch the usual UK tv channels, if you are thinking that you have to wait for a new Drama to start……
Surprise, no you don’t.
ITV3 have a new Drama, it started on Tuesday (12/12) at 11pm.
“The Widower”
A three part Drama, based on the crimes of convicted murderer Malcolm Webster.
“Dark Heart”
Looks like this will be a brilliant Drama, quite gruesome but gripping to say the least.
Dark Heart started last night (13/12) on ITV Encore at 11pm.
The great thing about MaltaUKTV is that you don’t have to miss anything, just watch it on Catch Up.
Don’t just watch the usual channels, flick through, there is so many great channels.

Time for Cuppa and Bancroft.
Have a good Evening and enjoy your viewing x